1. Schedule: The MyGuide calendar enables users to:
  • Set alerts for start and end times
  • Schedule breaks
  • Organize and execute multiple tasks
  • Maintain routines
  1. Prompting: With MyGuide, users can create multimedia guides to prompt them with either images, text, or video. MyGuide makes it easy to follow directions for learning and completing routines and tasks. 
  2. Job Exploration: Businesses can create virtual tours with MyGuide that allow prospective employees to take a tour, ask questions, and provide feedback about the job or career field. 
  3. Self-Management: Manage emotions using self-regulation strategies with interactive guides in the MyGuide platform, when and where it’s needed.
  4. Provide Off-Site Supervision: MyGuide users can notify employers when they need breaks and job coaches can virtually monitor activities without interrupting the work process.
  5. Encourage Questions: MyGuide users can ask for help directly through their MyGuide.  Employers can use live monitoring to stay updated and be a resource to their employees throughout the day. 
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