Personalized Assistive Technology

MPower Me designs, installs, and supports personalized assistive technology to increase: Independence, Communication, Employability, and Inclusion, while enhancing existing services and reducing the need for human intervention. Our current priority is to establish access to key capabilities for those who are otherwise unable to connect with their community during the pandemic.

Personalized Prompting

Customized Prompts for Activities, Decisions, and Experiences

Supported Self Expression

Communication Tools for Expressing Choices, Feelings, and Behaviors

Remote Monitoring

Utilization and Live Reporting for Families and Providers in Real-Time and Aggregate Reports


MyGuide is a mobile app-based accommodation for skill development and supported communication for individuals that offers a myriad of tools and capabilities for caregivers and professionals to provide services and supports where the individual chooses, both remotely and in person.

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Individual and Professional Users

MyGuide is a lifeline for families who have reduced access to services due to staffing, rural locations, and the pandemic. Personalized prompting allows on-the-spot adjustment to the balance of participation vs support as they develop and master new skills, while maintaining consistency with different staff and in different environments. Supported expression and monitoring features empower users to express their needs and preferences effectively and meaningfully, despite their physical or cognitive deficits, with whomever they choose.
MyGuide @ Home

MyGuide @ Home

Mandi Wooten

"Seriously y’all! This Is real life. It’s not easy. It takes a lot of love, patience, work, research and resources. Every second is worth it. He is worth it.

I mean, how often do we rely on our phones and IPads to lookup common sense stuff?! All the time!! Think if you didn’t have that!
Thank God I found MPower Me. Not only a resource for a way to give Cody a bit of independence, but as extended family for us both.

MyGuide is 100% customizable to your needs; whether you’re 10 years old or 70 years old, this helps level the playing field for our friends with special needs and their typical peers."

MyGuide Professionals

MyGuide Professionals

Grafton Integrated Health Network

"We have seen success with multiple clients in increasing their daily living skills and independence by using MyGuide residentially

We have an individual who is deaf who has responded very well to the MyGuide lessons because of the custom visual prompts and he can now do a toileting routine independently (going to the bathroom, taking off his pants and pull up, throwing his pull up away, sitting on the toilet, getting a new pull up and putting it on, putting his pants back on, and washing his hands). At this point, he does not even need the tablet to complete this task so we are brainstorming for his next task.

Lots of clients are more successful with completing their morning routines or bedtime routines, brushing their teeth, doing laundry and other chores, etc. We are also using it for behavioral interventions by providing social stories about coping skills via lessons."


From Our Family to Yours

Amidst unprecedented amounts of uncertainty, we are sure of one thing – families with special needs are resourceful. Regardless of how put-together or shaky your plan was for your loved one with special needs before Read more…