Christiana Santos, an Occupational Therapist, and owner of Future Forward Pediatrics uses MyGuide with her clients every day as a tool for facilitating various therapeutic activities, visual schedules, emotion/choice communication, and remote monitoring or Home Exercise Programs.  

“Remote monitoring is one of the best functions of MyGuide! I can actually monitor what clients are doing on their own time – see how and when my clients are performing their home programs, how long they spend on the program, see and record their responses remotely. It’s an excellent source of data regarding the transfer of learned skills to the home environment that I would not have available to me without MyGuide.” 

MyGuide gives clients a voice and choice by facilitating less stressful communication, which is something that Christiana experiences with her clients on a regular basis.  “I have one client who recently wouldn’t even look at the tablet but is now requesting it because we could customize it by adding what he is interested in.  It gave him more power and opened up a new line of communication without the pressure of eye contact, correct pronunciation, or other academic skills.” When asked about her favorite MyGuide feature Christiana shared that “the greatest feature of MyGuide is how customizable it is. It can mimic communication patterns to the client.” According to Christiana, “MyGuide doesn’t replace a caregiver. It can make the caregiving process more efficient while enhancing the relationship between caregiver and client. I’ve found it to be an incredibly powerful tool.”

Christiana Santos 

Occupational Therapist 

Owner/Executive Director of Future Forward Pediatrics 

Occupational Therapy Group

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