Tips & Tricks to Support Self-Expression

  • Preference Assessment: Create guides that ask what MyGuide users like, prefer, and enjoy, and use their responses to inform how you help them build their guides. Provide real-world examples and images in the guide and apply them with the Choices plugin. This can help users compare options and preferences side-by-side, such as early learning with colors, or choosing between tasks in the workplace. 
  • Wish List: Find our new sample Wish List guide on the MPower Me Public Library. Copy the guide into your personal library to personalize it for MyGuide users and discover ideas and preferences that can inform gifts you may want to give, just in time for the holidays! The sample guide offers both open-ended and multiple-choice options for preferences, such as favorite stores, snacks, and brands. 

Personalize this guide by editing the questions and replacing the sample Choice options with images and language familiar to the user. Being presented with specific options side-by-side supports decision-making. 

  • Review: Family and support accounts can review and monitor when Guides are played, at any time and from any location. After a user plays a guide, their responses are recorded into reports, which are found in the Monitoring section in the “Me” tab. 
    • Tap the “Me” tab in the bottom right
    • Tap the “Monitoring” section from the top menu
    • Choose and tap a user
    • Tap on “Playing Guides” icon
    • Tap on the name of the Guide you want to review to see the interactions the user had with that Guide

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