Attending national and local conferences for professionals serving people with developmental disabilities is a powerful way to keep up to date on the latest research, advances, and technology available to professionals in the field. The National ACCSES Fall Summit was held in Tampa in late November.  

ACCSES is an elite network of over 1,200 organizations that provide exceptional services to people with disabilities across the United States. The national organization serves as an advocate to federal policy makers to ensure federal policies are enacted and funding is available to cover the cost of accommodations and to reimburse providers for the services they provide to individuals with disabilities. State ACCSES organizations represent the voice of the provider community in their communities and states. 

MPower Me was invited to introduce the provider community to MyGuide on a national stage, and the presentation was well received! According to Kate McSweeny, ACCSES President & CEO, “MPower Me’s presentation on MyGuide was different from what’s been presented to this point. It’s so exciting to see the intersection between technology and people who have really deep knowledge of individuals with disabilities from an accessibility standpoint and understand the importance of customization to meet individual needs.”

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