MPower Me Disclaimer

This device is yours to use as you please. You will not be required to return it unless you are seeking a replacement device based on your warranty policy.

Turn the device off before cleaning it. Do not submerge the device in liquid or expose it to running liquid. Use a mildly damp sanitation cloth or paper towel to wipe the device clean.

The device should have been delivered with a protective case and assembly instructions. If you did not receive a case, please contact

To learn more about MyGuide, visit the MPower Me website at, or email

Device Battery Charging

This device will only work with an adequate battery charge. To charge the battery, insert the USB tip into the device charge port. Then insert the wall adapter into a wall outlet. The higher the battery charge percentage, the longer the device will work while detached from the charging cable. 

Turning on the Device

You will find the power button on one side or the top of the device. Press and hold the button until the screen indicates the device is turning on.

WiFi Connectivity

To connect your device to the internet via WiFi, find and tap the gear app icon labeled Settings. From the resulting Setting page, select Network & Internet. It should be the first option in the list. After this, tap the WiFi card, select your router’s SSID, and input the password you typically use to connect to the internet.

Updating your Device

Your device will occasionally notify you that you have a system update. This will come via push notifications from your system tray at the top of the screen. Tapping on these will take you to a page that will provide you further information on what is in these updates, as well as ways to start the install process immediately or postpone it for a later time.

Device Settings

To adjust the device settings, find and tap the gear app icon labeled “Settings.” You can adjust the device to your needs and preferences. This includes increasing or decreasing the size of the device controls, controlling the color and brightness contrast, and sound and volume controls. The Display Settings will allow you to adjust the “Screen Idle” time in order to increase the amount of time it takes for the device to go into “sleep mode”.

Google Play Store Account

To sign into the Google Play Store with your Google account, tap the Google Play Store app on the home screen of the device. Once the app opens it will prompt you with a sign-in page. If you have a Google account you can input your sign in information here, and you will be redirected to the Google Play Store’s home page. If you do not have a Google Account, you can create one by tapping the “Create Account” button at the bottom left of the sign in page.

Updating MyGuide

Once you have signed into a Google account on the device and have access to the Google Play Store, MyGuide should update automatically. However, if you need to manually update the app, this can be done by opening the Google Play Store app, searching for MyGuide, and tapping the “Update” button on the app’s store page. This button will have replaced the “Open” button that is normally in this location only if there is an update available.

Starting MyGuide

To open MyGuide, find and tap the teal hexagon app icon labeled “MyGuide.” This will start MyGuide on your device

Signing in to MyGuide

To sign in to MyGuide, you must enter your email address associated with MyGuide, and your MyGuide password into the corresponding fields. When the information is filled in, press “Sign In.” If you do not know your MyGuide email or password, reference the MPower Me Welcome Letter included in your package. If you do not have the Welcome Letter, please contact


The Library tab on the bottom of MyGuide contains all the libraries your account may access. At the top of the Library tab, you will see your library labeled “My Library”, and the MPower Me public library, labeled “Public Library”. Any other libraries you are invited to join will show up here when you have accepted the invitation from your Me tab. To open the shelf view of a library, tap the name of the library you want to explore.


When a library is open, you will see the shelf view of the library. Each library will have at least one shelf. Your personal library allows you to add more shelves by tapping the “Plus” button while in shelf view.

You can populate any shelf in your personal library with guides. You can also copy “template guides” from the MPower Me Public Library, paste them into your personal shelf, and personalize them. To create and build new guides within your personal library, tap the “Plus” button while in the guide view of a shelf.


When you tap on a shelf, you will see the covers of all the guides on that shelf. We call this “guide view.” While in guide view, you can tap on any lesson to either directly play the lesson or access a menu of options, including Play, Edit, Delete, and more.

While playing guides, you can move through pages by tapping the forward and back arrows in the bottom corners of MyGuide, or you can swipe across the screen in the direction you want to move through the guide.

Guides are interactive. The content on the page may prompt you through tasks, enable you to type or dictate responses, ask you to select from a list of response options, view pictures, watch videos, and much more.

To stop playing a guide, you can swipe or tap the forward arrow to the very end, or you can tap the X in the top right corner.


When creating new guides, you will automatically enter the “guide editor.” You can also edit existing guides in your personal library. From the guide view of a shelf, open the menu of options for the guide you want to edit. (Note: If you have the “Focus Mode” setting turned on, you must tap and hold the cover of the guide for the menu to appear.) Tap the “Edit” option, and you will open the guide editor.

The guide editor is interactive. Anything you tap will respond, enabling you to create content, or edit and customize existing content. Tap the background to open the background plugin customizer. Tap the “Add Content” button to add content plugins to the foreground. Tap any existing content to open the customizer for that plugin. You can swipe back and forth between task pages, or use the arrows in the bottom corners.

The editor automatically saves your progress as you make changes. To leave the editor, tap the X in the top right corner on any task page. Tap the settings gear in the top right corner to see a menu of quick settings for the guide editor. Tap the grid of boxes in the top right corner to see the index, an overview of all of the pages in the guide. From the index, tap any page to open it.

Every task page has a “Page Moderations” area. To access Page Moderations like the Page Timer and the Page Audio, swipe down on any task page and tap “Add Mod.” To return to the task page, swipe up or tap the down arrow.


The Play tab on the bottom of MyGuide is a focused area for users to play their scheduled and favorited guides.


The “Today” section of the Play tab is where all guides scheduled to be played that day will appear. They will appear when it is time to play, and disappear after the guide has been played until the next time it is scheduled to be played. To play a guide from here, tap the cover of the scheduled guide.


The “Schedule” section of the Play tab is where you can assign schedules to play guides. On the calendar view, tap the day you want to start a schedule for a guide, then use the filters to find the guide and set the repetition frequency. 


The “Favorites” section of the Play tab is where all favorited guides will appear. You can favorite guides from the Library tab by finding a guide, opening the guide menu, and tapping “favorite.” These guides will remain in the Favorites section of the Play tab until you unfavorite the guide. These can be played as frequently and for as long as you prefer.


The Me tab on the bottom of MyGuide is where you can find all your account information, change your email and password information, and view account connections information, including guide reports.


The “Account” section of the Me tab is where you can manage all of your account information. This includes your name as it appears on MyGuide, your MyGuide associated email address, your MyGuide password, your profile picture, and more. From here, the Support option will provide you with materials from MPower Me, including the MyGuide User Manual, the MPower Me YouTube channel, and the MPower 

Me website. From here, you can also report a problem with your MyGuide and check for MyGuide updates.


The “Monitoring” section of the Me tab is where you will find all MyGuide reports. Many actions in MyGuide are recorded, like opening and closing MyGuide, or creating and editing guides. You can find all logs of these activities here. Any time you play a guide, a detailed report is generated and records when you played the guide and how you responded.

All accounts from which you have been invited to view reports will also appear here, and you can monitor those actions and guide reports as well.


The “People” section of the Me tab is where you can find all accounts with which you are connected. You can send invitations to other users with their MyGuide associated email addresses, and you can accept invitations from other users here. 

MyGuide Settings

The “Settings” section of the My tab is where you can find all of MyGuide’s preferential settings. A setting is on when the box near it is checked and off when the box is empty. To change this, tap the setting, and it will toggle on or off. Settings include MyGuide visual themes, guide control sizes, haptic feedback, automatic text to speech, and many more.