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MyGuide is a mobile app-based accommodation for skill development and supported communication that also offers a myriad of tools and capabilities for caregivers and professionals to provide services and supports where and when the user chooses, both remotely and in person.

MyGuide makes personal technology accessible to all temporary and permanent special needs by combining a pre-programmed standard mobile device with customizable software. Especially designed to support cognitive processes, MyGuide delivers personalized technological prompting and supported self-expression, precisely when and where the user needs it, across settings, including home, community, work, and school.

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“My brain works differently than some people. MyGuide lessons are built the way my brain thinks. It helps me be more independent by allowing me to make choices and reminds me what to do if I get stuck on something. On each page there is a set of instructions that can be customized to help me complete whatever I want help with, and when I’m finished with that step, I just swipe to the left and it gives me a new step. I send MyGuide reports to my mom, so she knows I’m doing my stuff and when I want help.”

MyGuide Users
MyGuide Users

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