MyGuide empowers individuals to be more independent, service providers to be more effective, and communities to be more inclusive, through technology. 

• Cross-platform 

• Self-Directed 

• Customizable 

• Step-by-step Guides 

• Any Activity, Experience, or Thought Process 



Decision Support


Browse community libraries to play, copy, and customize over 3,000 guides.

…Or create your own!

“… but this one you customize yourself. And that just means all the world to me because you can make up your own words you can put your own pictures in it or like your favorite things…”

– Heather, MyGuide user

Multi-media guides can be personalized for any activity or experience that delivers self-directed support where and when its needed, at home, school, or work.

Personalized Information

° My passwords.

° Map of the School.

° Metro ticket prices.

Direct 24/7 access to most referenced information.

Customized Instruction

° How to take medication.

° How to make my favorite meal.

° How to order pizza.

Endless options, fully customizable.

Decision-Making Support

° Should I take medication?

° What can I do to calm down?

° Should I answer the door?

Personal guidance for any thought process.


° I need help.

° Who gave me medication.

° This is what I want for dinner.

Securely communicate thoughts, feelings, and activities.

“I like that I can look up information in MyGuide whenever I want without bothering anybody and then it gives me choices for what I can do with that information, like report I made my breakfast, or ask mom for help, or a save a question for my teacher later.”

Dom, MyGuide user

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