Celebrating National Caregivers Month
In 1997 President Clinton signed the first NFC Month Presidential Proclamation and each president since has issued an annual proclamation honoring family caregivers each November. All of us at MPower Me celebrate National Caregivers Month! Many of us are caregivers, too and that experience contributes to MyGuide’s ongoing development. It’s developed by and for caregivers! We recognize how challenging it has been and continues to be for family caregivers of people with disabilities and extra support needs. We recently interviewed our very own Kevin Winslow about his experience as a caregiver and how that experience inspires him in his work every day at MPower Me.

Meet Kevin

Hi, I’m Kevin Winslow and I’ve been the caregiver for my brother with autism and my sister with developmental delays and congenital disorders for the past 15 years. I had sort of given up with people coming into my brother and sisters’ lives telling us about “perfect” tools and solutions that never worked. I was jaded and didn’t think anything was going to help. It was isolating for our family and made us feel like we were all alone. When MyGuide came along, it opened up a door for us that helped us understand each other. There are no correct answers on this journey; you need to keep trying different things to see if they’ll work for you. For our family, it was MyGuide.Prior to this tool being in my brother’s life, we couldn’t connect. He only knew me as this machine that was doing everything for him, and sweeping up the chaos he left behind him. When he started using MyGuide, he realized he could do some of those things for himself. And it opened up our relationship as brothers – before, it was like I was just making him experience what I wanted him to experience, but now he is an active participant in his own life. He started doing his own dishes instead of watching me do them for him. Then he started making food choices. Now I get to take him out for pizza and movies like the big brother I was promised to be when I knew I was going to get a little brother was finally possible. He went from throwing dirty dishes at me to baking his own blue cake and packing his own lunch.I love getting insights from MyGuide. He’s been able to share his preferences and interests and we get to explore it with him and that’s so cool. It’s been an incredible experience getting to know my brother on a deeper, more personal level.MyGuide is a tool that brings some of the power back to us as caregivers. We don’t have to be bystanders to the services our loved ones are receiving. MyGuide lets us participate right along with their amazing providers, and it feels like we’re all in it together. I want everyone to have the same experience as I did with MyGuide, and that’s why I’m now the Director of Development here at MPower Me.“I want everyone to experience the same feelings I have as I get to know my brother a little better.” Kevin Winslow
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