Another universal need for people with ID/DD to safely participate in their own lives with increasing independence and inclusion is some level of human supervision capable of appropriately responding with assistance if needed. While technology is capable of providing supervision, it’s not yet capable of determining when intervention is necessary, let alone providing an appropriate intervention. This in-person and on-site human supervision and intervention is provided by families and formal support services.

MPower Me recognizes that improving and achieving independence and inclusive living for individuals with ID/DD is a slow, iterative process of preparation, demonstration, practice, and improvement. MyGuide 3.0 offers real-time notifications and live reporting options to the many families who are able and willing to invest time and effort into this process. MyGuide users can connect with anyone in their support system they choose to designate as their MyGuide guardian or mentor. Once they accept the user’s request, mentors and guardians will receive notifications when the user is playing a lesson, and in real time, they can monitor the user’s progression through each task, including viewing user-entered responses. They can also review completed MyGuide sessions with time and date stamps on each page, and responses to questions in each guide.

Examples: MyGuide user is playing lunch choices right now, MyGuide user played step 3 brush your teeth for 2:34 minutes, MyGuide user responded Tired to step 2 question how do you feel this morning, MyGuide user completed shopping list in 13:03 minutes