MyGuide Care

Enables the user to engage and interact with their environment and community by providing a complete, customizable system of interactive, multimedia guides. Exclusively owned, controlled, and used by the person it is configured to support.

MyGuide Care empowers:

  • Independence
  • Communication
  • Employability
  • Inclusion

Software | Hardware | Support

MyGuide Care combines standard mobile device settings and customized software to provide accommodations for cognitive, sensorimotor, and hearing deficits.


MyGuide Care includes a comprehensive software package that meets regulations for most assistive technology benefits.

  • 1-year customization license
  • Sharable access to Tools & HIPPA-compliant Reports
  • Membership to exclusive MyGuide libraries


MyGuide Care includes a custom-configured device selected in accordance with a clinical assessment by an appropriately qualified professional.  

  • 8” or 10” tablet
  • Smart Phone 
  • Smart Watch 


  • Clinical consultation & TechMentor protocol
  • Video tutorials
  • Access to weekly virtual workshops 
  • Technical assistance/help desk access
  • Monthly check-ins  

Additional add-on services:

• Ongoing Therapeutic Consultation

A clinician who works with caregivers to optimize the therapeutic value of MyGuide for the user.

• Therapy Services

The clinician uses MyGuide as a therapeutic intervention.

• TechMentor Support

Technical coaching, training, and programming support to optimize the use of MyGuide.

Inquire about insurance coverage and how to use MyGuide Care to support participation in virtual services such as day programs:

MPower Me YouTube Channel

“Thank you so much for creating MyGuide. It is amazing!!! I found it very easy and fun to add lessons and create our own. I had our providers build lessons as well to demonstrate their grasp of the training and they picked it up very quickly. This is a game-changer!”

Support Coordinator II

“We have seen success with multiple clients increasing their daily living skills and independence by using MyGuide in our residential facility. Because of the custom visual prompts, a deaf individual can now do a toileting routine independently. Lots of clients are more successful with completing their morning or bedtime routines, brushing their teeth, doing laundry and other chores, etc. We are also using it for behavioral interventions by providing social stories about coping skills via lessons. The users love it because they get to customize it for their preferences and we love it because it promotes independence.”

Group Home Staff

“Technology makes all of our lives easier. Now we have technology that can be customized for our individuals with disabilities to make their lives easier. MyGuide is a personal belonging of the user so they can access their daily living skills, when and where they choose to use them.”

Behavioral Analyst

MyGuide Certified Service Providers

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